The purpose of Chafflube’s Blog is to share useful information freely with the world. This will hopefully help the spread of computer literacy across the world, without the expense of costly computer courses or pay-to-view tutorials.

In conjunction with the free tutorials on Chafflube’s Blog, there is also a new Shop section for you to explore, as well as convenient services; such as the new “Tutorial Request” feature, which allows any user of Chafflube’s Blog to send an e-mail to regarding a tutorial that they would like written. The tutorial request will be attended to personally, by myself; and if appropriate will be written and uploaded to my site with a reply e-mail alerting the person who made the request that their tutorial is ready for viewing.

I hope that you enjoy my new blog, be sure to send it to all of your computer user buddies! The Chafflube’s Blog community hopes to see you soon!