Have you ever wanted to know why it is that only a maximum of 12 suggestions come up when you begin to type and address? Well this is easily fixed using the “about:config” page in the Firefox browser. You can change the amount of suggestions to as many or as little as you like.

What you need to do first to change your URL bar suggestions is open the Firefox browser. Now type into the address bar the following, without the quotation marks “about:config” and hit enter.

You will notice that the browser configuration window will open, showing you a huge array of operating components. This may seem daunting but as long as you follow my steps directly you should have no problems.


The configuration page will look like this:


about config

Now you will need to type into the filter bar at the top of the page the following, without quotation marks “browser.urlbar.maxRichResults”

The value should come up on its own and you will now just need to modify the value.


The page will now look like this:



Now, you will notice that I have already changed my value from the default 12 to a massive 50 also I have right-clicked on the value and brought up a shell menu. You will need to click “Modify”. Once you have clicked modify you will bring up a small dialogue box.


The page will now look like this:


about config editing values

Now, change the value to the desired amount and then click “Ok”. Now the last step, open task manager and end the “Firefox” process and then re-open Firefox. Now you will have the amount you specified in your URL dropdown box.


Enjoy an easier to use browser interface!


Note: By editing values and other system data you could directly or indirectly interfere with the intended purpose of your computer and/or its overall functionality and usability. Also warranties may be rendered VOID upon changing values.

Don’t worry though. Voiding warranties is for people who truly do care about bringing out their computers full potential and utilizing it for their convenience and increased productivity.