This guide was intended for those of you who use Firefox and, like myself are critical about grammar and literature flaws when using the internet. This guide will allow you to now only allow Firefox to automatically underline and point out your spelling errors in a few types of text boxes but ALL of the text boxes, thanks to the new system configuration layout offered by Firefox 3.6+. Read on to find out how you can become an elite speller online, even if you don’t know how to spell at all!

First off you will, once again need to open your Firefox browser and type into the URL bar at the top of the screen the following term, without the quotation marks “layout.spellcheckDefault”. Once you are fronted with the value then you will need to right click it and select “Modify”.


Now you need to modify the value to one of the following depending on your preferences:


  • 0 = Spell-checking is OFF for ALL text boxes and forms.
  • 1 = Spell-checking is ON for MOST text boxes and forms (this is the default value).
  • 2 = Spell-checking is ON for ALL text boxes and forms.

Now once you have edited these values you will need to close the Firefox program. This can be done in one of two ways, either by clicking the red “X” in the top right of the Firefox window. Or the more advanced (and seemingly more effective way) by opening task manager and in the “Processes” tab right-clicking the “Firefox” process and clicking “End Process” or “End Process Tree”.

Once you have done this then restart Firefox and enjoy your now-error-free work.

Enjoy a web browsing experience without typos, great for submitting online resumes or any other online activity of which you are expected to use perfect grammar.