This will guide you through making the minimum length of each tab shorter, so you can ultimately have more tabs open at once without the “Scroll” feature to appear at the end of the tabs. This scrolling feature can make working on the internet a much more time consuming feat. Read on to find out how easily it can be changed.

Firstly, you will need to open your browser and use the address bar to navigate to “about:config”. Once this page loads you will want to enter into the “Filter” text box at the top of the page the phrase “browser.tabs.tabMinWidth” without the quotation maks of course.

This will load up a value, you will want to right click this value and select “Modify”.


Like so:


about config browser min tab size decrease 

When you click the “Modify” button you will be prompted with a dialogue box.


The dialogue box that you will be prompted with will look like this:


config tabs min

You will notice that my value is currently set to 70. This defines the minimum width (in pixels) of each tab. The default is 100. I recommend 70, it is not to short but not too long and is ideal for research or any other task that requires 7+ tabs to be opened. Change the value to the preferred amount of pixels and then click the “Ok” button and close Firefox either through clicking the “X” at the top right of the screen or by using task manager. Task manager is much more efficient in that it ensures a clean, instantaneous closure of the application,  thus minimizing the risk of the software reversing your changes to its system settings. Overall this will produce a cleaner application of the tab shortening hack.

Enjoy your new access to a vast amount of tabs, use for educational purposes is a strong recommendation.