This is for those of you who enjoy taking advantage of Firefox’s ability to install third party  add-ons and plugins. If you are a frequent downloader of add-ons and plugins for Firefox you may find that the (s) wait time before you are able to click the install button is extremely inconvenient and frustrating. Read on to find out how to increase, decrease or remove this wait.

Firstly I would like to show you what exactly I mean by the "(s) wait. I mean the wait in milliseconds before you are able to click the “Install” button and install your add-on.


The (s) wait is demonstrated in the screenshot below:


addon install wait


Now, like all of my other browser tutorials, you will first need to open your Firefox browser. Once you have opened your browser you will need to go to the URL “about:config” and then type into the “Filter” bar at the top of the page the following phrase, without the quotation marks “security.dialog_enable_delay” and then hit enter. Now you will have on your screen a single value that will be called “security.dialog_enable_delay”. You need to right click this value and select “Modify” from the sub-menu that appears.


Once you have done this a dialogue box will appear with the number of milliseconds Firefox will make you wait before it will let you click the “Install” button. The default is “2000” but you can now change this value to whatever you want. As a practical joke on your friend or workmate you could set it to say “99999999999999999” and then have fun watching them try to install an add-on or you could commit to the more productive approach which would be to set it to “0” to disable the wait completely.


Enjoy your faster and easier add-on installation. This also works as a great prank, have fun!