This guide will help you create a folder that will lock out a snoop who decides they want to access your files. It is possible for a hacker to gain access to this file, although it is much more difficult to gain access to than a regular folder in Windows.

Firstly you will need to right click on an empty space on your desktop and from the pop-up menu select “New/Compressed (zipped) folder” or “New/WinRAR ZIP archive” (if you have installed WinRAR").


Once you have done this you will then need to name your folder. The name will not effect the usability of the file so feel free to name it whatever you feel comfortable with. Once the folder has been renamed you will need to double-click the folder, which will then open in its own window.


Now you have the compressed folder open in its own window, you can now drag all of the files you would like to protect into the empty space in the archive like so:



Now once you have dragged the files they will begin compressing, all you need to do is click the “OK” button for now:



Then you will notice that the files will begin to compress. It should look like this:


After the compression is complete the dialogue will disappear leaving you with the compressed file beneath the yellow parent folder. At this point your window should look like this:


Now you will need to right click in the white, empty space of the folder and select “Set default password” or just hold Ctrl+P while the WinRAR window is highlighted. It should now look like this:




Now just type your password and then type it again and you are finished. You now have your very own password protected storage folder. Make sure your password is easy to remember but long enough that a password cracker program will have a hard time guessing it.

You now have the ability to secure any file on the Windows platform with a password as long as you feel necessary. Be sure to delete all other copies of the protected files to prevent them being stolen. Enjoy your newfound knowledge.