This is for all of you matrix fans who would like to add that matrix element to their PC. Have fun or even use it to prank people, it is up to you.

Firstly you will need to open up notepad. You can do this by either finding the notepad file in the start menu or you could do it the easier way. To do it the easy way all you need to do is hold Windows+R (the Windows key + R). This will open up a dialogue box which you can open certain programs, one of these programs is of course notepad. Type in the dialogue box “notepad” and click “OK” or hit “Enter”. Now you will have notepad open and you can begin coding your matrix scrolling program.


Firstly you will need to type a code into notepad. The basic code which can be easily modified is as follows:


@echo off
color 02
echo %random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%
goto :start


You will now need to save the notepad document. Be sure to select “All Files” in the “Save as type” box. You need to save this file as a “.bat” file. This can be done once you have selected “All Files” and then saved it as <name>.bat. For example click the box in the “Save as type” dialogue box and then type in the “Filename” text box “matrix.bat” and save it. Now the file will be saved in your chosen directory and its icon will appear as a white prompt with a gear or multiple gears.


Now run your file and enjoy you creation.


This code will initiate a continuous rain of randomized numbers moving from the top of the command prompt window towards the bottom until you close the window.


Your command prompt window should look like this although it will be rapidly scrolling so it will appear just as it does on the matrix:


That’s it, you just made your own matrix scrolling program.

This is always good to make a friend think you are doing something mischievous on a computer system. Have fun with your newfound command prompt knowledge.