This guide is aimed at any Kubuntu user who wishes to be able to hit the power button on the computer and come back to find their computer logged in, without the irritating login screen nagging you to enter your password. This is not recommended for any high traffic areas such as a school, office or library as it could run a very high risk of somebody viewing, deleting or stealing your valuable files. Read below to find out how to enable automatic logins on your Kubuntu computer.

The very first thing you are going to have to do to ensure that this guide is of 100% use to you is be sure that you are running Kubuntu, this guide does not apply to Ubuntu.


Next you will need to click the “start” button in the taskbar (usually found at the bottom left of the screen with a “K” inside a blue box). Clicking the “start” bar will open the programs menu, from here you can click “System Settings”. This opens the “System Settings” window, allowing you to change your computer’s settings.


Next you will need to scroll to the bottom of the windows and open the “Login Manager” icon. This will open the windows that you can use to manage nearly everything related to the login system of your Kubuntu computer.


Once you have accessed the “Login Manager” screen you then need to enter your password to gain full access to the window.


Now select the “Convenience” tab located at the top of the “Login Manager” window and then select the user to “Autologin” using the appropriate drop-down box. Once you have selected the appropriate text from the drop-down box you then need to set a time delay most appropriate to your needs.


Now click “Apply” and close the window. From now on (or until you change the setting back by reversing this guide) you will only need to power on your computer and it will load the operating system and present you with your Kubuntu desktop. This is especially useful when you are in a hurry to get to work and need to check your e-mails but are busy making breakfast or on the phone to a workmate.


Be sure to utilize this guide as well as possible. Enjoy your newfound Kubuntu knowledge.