This guide applies specifically to a Linux user running the Kubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) operating system. It will show you exactly how you can install a decent amount of attractive and entertaining games just by typing a few simple lines of code into the Kubuntu terminal. Read below to find out how you can do it.

The first thing you will have to do is go to your “start” bar in the taskbar (usually found at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen) and click it. Once you have clicked it, type into the box at the top of the bar “Terminal” and then click on the command prompt icon that appears (should be first in the list. closest to the top).


Now that you have opened the terminal window you can begin installing your GNOMEgames suite. The first command you will need to type into the terminal windows is:

sudo –i


Once you have typed this and hit the “Enter” key you will be prompted with a line of text asking for your current user login password. Enter your password (which will not appear as you are typing it) into the line next to the prompt. Once you have typed your current user login password hit the “Enter” key.


Once you have hit the “Enter” key you will notice that your command prompt will have replaced your current user name with “root”. This means that you now have administrative power over your computer, which is of course required to install the games suite.


Now you will need to type in the following command into the terminal window:

sudo apt-get install gnome-games


As soon as you have typed the above command into your terminal windows you may hit the “Enter” button. Once you do so, you will occasionally be prompted with a simple “y/n” prompt.If this is the case, simply hit the “y” key and then the “Enter” key to begin the download and installation of your gnome-games suite.


You will notice that the terminal window is now bustling with activity and is putting out codes rapidly, ignore this as it is only doing your job for you; convenient yes?


Be sure not to close the terminal window until all of the codes stop scrolling and you are again presented with the “root” line. Feel free to do anything else on your computer while you wait though, minimizing your terminal windows if you wish,


As soon as your terminal has stopped spewing code, you will notice that your gnome-games suite is now installed categorically into your “start” bar. The games within the package are as follows:

  • AisleRiot – (also known as "sol") – a suite of Solitaire card games.

  • GNOME Blackjack – a computerized implementation of the gambling game. (Removed in October 2009)

  • Five or more

  • Four-in-a-row

  • GNOME Chess – a chess game.

  • GNOME Mahjongg – the traditional Chinese game for a single player.

  • GNOME Mines – an implementation of the Minesweeper computer game.

  • Klotski

  • lagno – an implementation of Reversi

  • Nibbles

  • Quadrapassel – a Tetris clone (called Gnometris prior to October 2009).

  • Robots

  • Same GNOME

  • Sudoko – a Sudoku generator and game.

  • Tetravex

  • Swell Foop – a SameGame clone.

  • GNibbles – a remake of Nibbles.

  • Tali – A dice-style poker game, similar to Yahtzee.


Now that is simplicity. Have fun with your new game suite. Be sure to have a look at my guide on how to install the KDEgames suite to, if you are interested in adding to your new collection of free, open-source games by following the link below:


Have fun at work or at home with your new GNOME game suite. Enjoy your newfound Kubuntu knowledge.