This particular guide is directed at any Kubuntu user who finds that their Kubuntu interface has stopped working and would like to restart the KDE interface without resetting their computer by powering it off. Read below to find out how you can restart your KDE interface at any time without the added irritation of having to power off.

Restarting the KDE interface in Kubuntu is as easy as two simple steps.


Firstly you will need to go to your desktop and hit the following key combination using your keyboard:

ctrl + alt + del


If you are a current or ex-Microsoft Windows user then you will probably have noticed that the above key combination, used in Windows will provide you with the task manager or the logout screen.


In the case that you are using Kubuntu, which you will be if you are reading this guide, this key combination, entered at the desktop will provide you with a popup dialogue box which will give you the following options to choose from:

  • Logout
  • Turn Off Computer
  • Restart


You will need to click the “Logout” option. Clicking the “Logout” button will bring you to the KDE login screen. From this screen you will need to perform the following key combination:

ctrl + alt + backspace


Once you this, Kubuntu will reload itself and then allow you to log in again. This will refresh your desktop and terminate all unresponsive programs, allowing you to fully enjoy your KDE desktop, without the irritating unresponsive program(s).

Be sure to use this guide whenever your KDE desktop decides to lock or freeze on you. Enjoy your newfound Kubuntu knowledge.