This guide shows the system requirements, features and overall performance rating of the BitDefender Antivirus software for Windows. Read below to learn everything you need to know about BitDefender Antivirus for the Microsoft Windows operating system.


The table below shows the system requirements of BitDefender Antivirus for Windows:

Processor Clock Speed 800MHz (1.66GHz for netbooks)
RAM 512MB (1GB recommended)
Harddisk Space 1GB Free


The following programs can be optionally protected by the BitDefender antivirus software:

  • Internet Explorer 6 (Internet Explorer 7 and up recommended)
  • Yahoo Messenger 8.1 (and up)
  • Microsoft Windows Live Messenger 8 (and up)
  • Firefox 3.x (and up most earlier Firefox versions work also)
  • Thunderbird 3.0.4 (and up)
  • Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010
  • Outlook Express
  • Microsoft Windows Mail

My Review

My opinion on this particular antivirus suite is that it is an affordable, easy to use and very effective antivirus solution. It covers more than most other antivirus suites in that its updates are much more frequently distributed and the virus scans are incredibly fast, although they do not seem to be as accurate. However, the speed of the scan far outweighs the slight inaccuracy. I definitely recommend this antivirus suite to any person who is new to the process of purchasing and activating their personal antivirus protection suite. The prices of this suite are also very appealing.

BitDefender offers a complete internet and offline security suite for only $74.93 (this deal is applicable at the time of which I am writing this guide), which offers full protection for 3 PCs for an entire year! Great value for a great product. If you would like to check out their products page yourself visit the link below:

Be sure that you get your antivirus software installed as soon as possible to protect you, your family and you r computer from internet intruders and malicious hackers. Enjoy your new found antivirus protection knowledge.