This guide is written for those of you still under possession of one of the ancient machines running Windows 95/98 who want to rebuild the system although you are being impeded by the classic drag known as the “BIOS password”. Read below to find out how to remove that irritating BIOS password that has stopped you entering your machine for so long.

The process of removing your BIOS password in Windows 95/98 is a very simple one as it only requires four steps.

Follow the steps listed below in sequence to remove that unwanted BIOS password and access your classic machine in under a minute!

  1. Start up Windows.
  2. Open CMD and type the following, without the quotes “debug”.
  3. Type the following text exactly as shown below:

o 70 10

0 71 20




Entering the above into the command prompt will completely remove your BIOS password on Windows 95 or Windows 98. Once you have entered the above commands you must restart your computer. When you restart your computer and enter the BIOS screen by hitting the appropriate keys during system startup, allowing you to enter the BIOS directly, without the need for a single password!

Be sure to use this next time your old PC happens to need some revival, either for a real purpose or for some good old humour. Enjoy your newfound Windows BIOS flashing knowledge.