This guide was written to highlight the hidden applications included with the Windows XP operating system. These applications are all extremely useful, as long as you know how to work around Microsoft’s stealth techniques. Read below to find out how easily you can unmask these great programs and unleash the hidden power of your computer system.

The first thing you will need to do to open these hidden programs is open the “Run” window. To open the “Run” window you can either click “Start then Run” or hit Win + R (Windows key + R).


Once you have opened the “Run” window you can enter one of the following <xxxx.exe> filenames into the window and then click “Ok” or hit “Enter”. The list below shows you the hidden programs that have sadly been going unnoticed by many computer users around the world.


# Program Description and Filename
1 Disk Cleanup – cleanmgr.exe
2 Clipboard Viewer – clipbrd.exe
3 Character Map –charmap.exe
4 DirectX Diagnostics – dxdiag.exe
5 IExpress Wizard – iexpress.exe
6 Windows Media Player 5.1 – mplay32.exe
7 Private Character Editor – eudcedit.exe
8 Microsoft Sync Manager – mobsync.exe
9 Object Packager – packager.exe
10 ODBC Data Source Administrator – odbcad32.exe
11 Remote Access Phone Book – rasphone.exe
12 File Signature Verification Tool – sigverif.exe
13 Volume Control – sndvol32.exe
14 System Monitor – perfmon.exe
15 Program Manager – progman.exe
16 Registry Editor – regedit.exe
17 Network Shared Folder Wizard – shrpubw.exe
18 Syskey – syskey.exe
19 Driver Verifier Manager – verifier.exe
20 Microsoft Telnet Client – telnet.exe
21 System Configuration Editor – sysedit.exe
22 Group Policy and Permissions Manager – gpedit.msc
23 Windows for Workgroups Chat – winchat.exe
24 System Configuration – msconfig.exe
25 Dr. Watson – drwtsn32.exe


The above table includes all of the hidden Windows programs that you are currently missing out on. Go ahead and try them out, you will not be disappointed.

Feel free to use the programs listed above at your convenience, for whatever purpose you see fit. Enjoy your newfound Windows software knowledge.