This guide shows you exactly how you can bypass Microsoft’s trick, of which they force you to buy a “special” HDMI cable designed for the newer versions of the Xbox 360 that allows you to receive high definition sound as well as video. To find out how you can get around this little trick and spend $40 less on high definition audio and video by buying a regular HDMI cable and using it in a secretive way that Microsoft didn’t want you to know about. Read below to find out how you you can use this great feature with less than 5 minutes of work.

The first thing you are going to have to do is gather the following things:

  • A standard Xbox 360 HDMI cable (without the “premium” audio adapter)
  • A flathead screwdriver
  • A standard HDMI cable

Once you have gathered the three items listed above you need to use your screwdriver to pry open the small black box on the standard Xbox 360 HDMI cable. Once the box has been pried open you can attach your normal (of the shelf) HDMI cable within the black box.


Once you have attached the standard HDMI cable (which will include high definition surround sound output by default) you can then attach the end of the newly connected HDMI cable to your high definition television or monitor.


Now that your new HDMI cable is connected you can save yourself a bundle of cash on purchasing a custom audio adapter for the Xbox 360 and experience just the same amount of clear, responsive gameplay.


Now it is time to test your new setup by booting up your new high-def machine. Be sure to get your friends around to see this one, they will be begging you to set it up for them to, who knows, they might even pay you to help them with it. Good luck.


Maybe your video is not displaying correctly or perhaps not at all? If that is the case try resetting your video settings. To find out how to reset the video settings on your Xbox 360 follow my guide linked below:

Make sure that when you are attaching the cable no wires are touching, except the ones that should be of course and also that at the time of rigging up the cable your Xbox 360 is powered off. Enjoy your newfound Xbox 360 HDMI knowledge.