This guide is aimed at Xbox live users who find it ridiculous to have to be restricted to playing online using only the default multiplayer server, in this case Xbox Live. Read below to find out how you can play online without even needing an Xbox live account.

The first thing that you are going to have to do is gather the following items from the list below:

  • An Xbox 360
  • An internet connection
  • A router or LAN connection
  • A spare Ethernet cable (for your Xbox 360)
  • A computer running Linux, Mac OS or Windows 2000, XP or Vista

Once you have gathered the items above you can then proceed to downloading the free program that helps make this possible by using the link below:


When you visit the link above you will need to scan the top of the webpage to find the “Downloads” link and then click it. Doing this will bring you to a page, of which you can select the operating system you are using and then download the appropriate software for your computer system. Once you download your system-specific software you must install it on any computer system that is on the same LAN as the Xbox 360.


Once you have installed your “Xlink” software onto a computer on the LAN network your Xbox 360 is sharing, you must perform the following checks to make sure everything is in order:

  • Your Xbox 360 is connected to your LAN (via a router port or hub/switch port).
  • Your PC is also connected to your LAN (via a router port or hub/switch port) in the same manner as your Xbox 360 is.
  • Your LAN is powered on (router or hub/switch is on).
  • Your computer is running the “Xlink” software and is powered on.
  • Your Xbox 360 is powered on and configured just as you would to connect to an Xbox live game.

If you have followed the guide correctly and all is in order it is time to test your new setup. To test your setup insert a game disc compatible with Xbox live play and then enter multiplayer just as you would to play a LAN game. The trick is that the software you have just installed onto your computer is making the Xbox 360 see the internet as if it is your LAN, although all players around the world connected in a similar way will be able to play with you; as if the internet is connected to your LAN in your living room!


While you are in the mood for Xbox, perhaps you would like to backup your beloved Xbox 360 games. To do so the link below will show you just how to do that in a very simple process that should take you less than 15 minutes!


Perhaps your would like to play on Xbox live although you just don’t especially feel like paying for something that you believe should be free, if that is the case then follow the link below to view my guide on how to get a normal, unlimited account without paying a cent:

Have fun with your new free Xbox live connection, now you and the friends that you show this guide to will be able to play online in peace without the ridiculous expense of an Xbox live account. Enjoy your newfound Xbox live bypassing knowledge.