This guide is for an Xbox 360 player who is a common traveler and enjoys bringing his console with him and connecting it to different types of displays. Now, after getting home from your friend’s house, you realize that your Xbox is now putting out a flickering signal or perhaps no signal at all! What do you do? You reset your video connection. This process takes less than 20 seconds and will indefinitely save you hours of frustration. Read below to find out how easy it is to reset your Xbox 360’s video settings.

The first thing you are going to have to do is remove any discs from the disc tray and power off your Xbox 360 and find an Xbox 360 controller, which you are about to use to reset the video settings.


Once you have powered off your Xbox 360 console and have acquired a suitable controller, it is time to reset those pesky settings. To reset your settings you need to follow the steps below in the order below:


1) Boot the Xbox 360 with your Xbox 360 controller

2) Hold down the “Y” button on the Xbox 360 controller

3) As soon as you begin holding down the “Y” button, hold down the “Right-Trigger”


Once you have performed the key presses above and held down the required buttons until the Xbox 360 boots, you will have the default video settings back, just like they used to be. This is sure to have saved you a lot of time wondering why your picture refuses to display regardless of the fact that everything is set up just as it always has been.


Now that you have reset your video settings and your Xbox is displaying a good picture, perhaps you would like to have the full high definition experience, without buying the custom HDMI cable for Xbox 360; instead by using a standard HDMI cable. To find out how to have the full experience at a fraction of the price, view my guide linked below:

Be sure to load up my guide next time your picture will not display on your television. Enjoy your newfound Xbox 360 display knowledge.