This guide is written keeping in mind the Xbox players out there who find that paying copious amount of money on top of buying your console just to connect wirelessly to your network. Microsoft does like their price overkills though, such is displayed in the price of their console of which seems amplified by the fact that they charge you extra just to play online! Read below to find out how you can get online wirelessly on your Xbox 360 without letting Microsoft con you out of your hard earned money.

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The first thing you will need to do is gather the items from the list below:

    • A Windows laptop with Wi-Fi capabilities
    • An Ethernet cable
    • An internet connection
    • A router (or modem router, or another LAN connection point)
    • An Xbox 360

Once you have collected all of the ingredients from the list above you can then proceed to the next step. The next step is to go to your Wi-Fi capable laptop running windows XP or later and head to the control panel (Start – Control Panel).


When the control panel opens you need to go to “Network Connections” (in Windows XP) or go to “Network & Sharing Centre” (in Windows Vista). Highlight both the “Local Area Connection” and the “Wireless Connection” simultaneously and then right-click one of the highlighted connections and select “Bridge Connections”. Doing this will create a link between your wireless and wired connections, allowing your Xbox 360 to connect through your PC via an Ethernet cable and use your laptop as a Wi-Fi adapter.


Once you have bridged your network connections on your computer, you then need to connect one end of a standard Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port on your Xbox 360 and then connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port of your laptop.


Once you have done this you need to power off your Xbox 360 and the LAN device (router or hub/switch) for 20 seconds. Once 20 seconds have passed you need to turn on the Xbox 360 and the LAN device (router or hub/switch) being sure to keep your laptop powered on with an active wireless connection to the LAN.


You now have a laptop posing as an Xbox 360 Wi-Fi adapter, not only are you now able to play online without the need of lengthy cables commandeering your house’s floor as well as use the laptop for any daily purposes that you normally would, as this type of connection to your Xbox 360 will in no way impact the ability to use your laptop offline and online. This is especially good if you have a few laptops in your house and you have a few of your mates over and decide you all would like to play online sharing an internet connection, although other members of the household do not enjoy tripping over unsightly Ethernet cable laying throughout the house.


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Be sure to tell your friends about this guide, it will save them a fortune in Wi-Fi adapters, while still allowing you to enjoy the online playtime that you have so righteously earned in buying Microsoft’s product. Enjoy your newfound Xbox connectivity knowledge.