This guide is written to show all computer users how they can change the desktop background on their Windows XP computer to give their computer a unique look and feel, customized to their liking. Read below to find out how to change your desktop background in less than 2 minutes.

More than likely if you are reading this tutorial then your computer is still using its default background. The first step you will have to do is go to your desktop, which can be done by either minimizing every window individually or by right-clicking an empty space on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen and then selecting “Show the Desktop” from the pop-up context menu.


Once you are at the desktop you can then begin changing your desktop background. The first step is to right click on an open space on the desktop, which will open a context menu like so:

Right click on desktop


You will need to move the pointer down to the “Properties” text in the context menu. When you click the “Properties” text you will be presented with the “Display Properties” window, which should look like so:

Display properties


Once this windows is displayed on your screen you must click the “Desktop” tab, which is shown above (inside the “red circle”). Once you click the “Desktop” tab, you will then see the following window:

Desktop Properties


In case you do not understand the above picture, the “Browse” button that is circled in red allows you to select on of your own photos to set as your desktop background and the other circled area is where you can scroll up or down to select the desktop background you would like out of Microsoft Windows’ default wallpapers. Once you have selected the image file that you would like to set as your desktop background, it will show you a preview in the miniature replica of a screen above the image selection area.


After you have selected the desktop image that you would like you can click “Apply” or “OK” and your new background image will be changed to your preferred image, which will stay the same every time you turn your computer back on and will stay the same image until you change it again using the procedure above.

Have fun showing off your photography skills or sharing family photos using your Windows XP desktop. Enjoy your newfound Windows XP customization skills.