This guide is written for all of you Wii gamers who do not have an Ethernet adapter or a Wi-Fi access point to connect your Wii console to the internet with, who would love to be able to play online just like all the other Wii gamers. Read below to find out how you can use your Windows PC and the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB adapter for your PC to supply an internet connection to your Wii console.

The first thing you are going to need to do is be sure that you have all of the following items:

– A computer running Windows XP or above

– A Nintendo Wi-Fi USB adapter for PC (With the installation CD)


Once you have gathered the above items, you can begin to setup your Nintendo Wi-Fi USB.


The first thing you must do in order to begin using your internet connection, shared through your PC is to insert the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB into a free USB port on your PC and then insert the driver CD for the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB adapter into your computer’s disc drive and then open the disc drive in “My Computer” and select “Autoplay” or open the “Setup.exe” file and follow the installer prompts.


Once you have installed the drivers for the Nintendo Wi-Fi adapter on your PC you must restart your computer. While the computer is restarting, you can power on your Wii console and boot it to the “Main Menu”.


Now that your computer has restarted and your Wii is at the “Main Menu”, you can click the “Wii” button at the bottom left of the screen (a little white button with blue text saying “Wii”). Once you have clicked the button you must enter the “System Settings” button and then scroll left or right, until you find the “Internet” box. Click the “Internet” box and then select “Connection Settings”. After you have clicked the “Connection Settings” button you can select “Connection 1”, “Connection 2” or “Connection 3” and then find your Nintendo Wi-Fi USB and select the Wi-Fi USB and then enter your connection settings.


After you have entered your connection settings, your Wii console will initiate a “Connection Test”, which will connect your Wii console to the access point.

You will now be connected to your Wi-Fi USB and your Wii will happily connect to the internet every time your Wii console powers on, assuming that your PC is powered on and is connected to the internet. Enjoy your newfound Wii console wireless connectivity knowledge.