This guide is written keeping in mind the underestimation of the wireless network connectivity options provided by the Nintendo Wii, which are commonly being left unnoticed by many users of the console. Read below to find out how you can use the brilliant machine for your web activity just as you would with any computer as well as online gaming, assuming you are playing a Nintendo Wi-Fi compatible game.

The method I am about to explain to you will show you how to configure your Nintendo Wii gaming console to connect to and use a wireless access point in your house. The wireless access point, in case you are new to the concept of online gaming or wireless networking, is the point of which your gaming console connects to the internet.


The first thing you are going to have to do is power on your Wii console and allow it to boot up to the main menu. To allow the system to boot you can power it on and wait approximately one minute for the “Warning” screen to automatically disappear and bring the main menu to your screen, or you can just press the “A” button at the top of your Wiimote/Wii controller.


Once the main menu is visible on your screen you must move the pointer (which is a hand on your screen that moves when you point your Wii remote around the screen) to the small “Wii” button at the bottom left of your screen, which should be white with blue text saying “Wii”.


Once you have moved your pointer over the button you can then press the “A” button on your Wii controller to enter the “Wii Menu”.


Now that you are in the “Wii Menu” you can begin to set up your wireless network connection. To enter the configuration for the wireless settings you must move your pointer over the “Wii Settings” box on the right side of the screen and then press the “A” button on your Wii remote.


You will now notice that your screen contains various options for you to tweak, the option you need to find is the “Internet” options. Use the left and right arrows to navigate throughout the options.


Once you have entered the “Internet” options you must select the “Connection Settings” tab.


Now that you have brought up the “Connection Settings” tab you can begin to enter your new connection. To enter your new connection you must move your pointer onto “Connection 1”, “Connection 2” or “Connection 3” and then press the “A” button on your Wii remote.


Now, the final step. You must now enter the Settings for your access point by choosing the appropriate access point (this will be the name of your home router or your home network name) and then entering the password and security type of your Wireless network.

It is that simple, have fun playing online against the entire world. Enjoy your newfound Nintendo Wii console.