This guide is written to show all Xbox 360 gamers that there are many readily available modifications for their consoles. This simple tutorial will show you where to go to get what you need for your serious gaming machine. Read below to find out how you can get your custom Xbox 360 mods.

The first thing you will need to be sure of is that you have a web browser. If you do not have a web browser or are not sure what a web browser is then visit the link below to download and install a web browser, prior to commencing with this tutorial.


After visiting the above link, downloading and installing your web browser you may proceed to the site linked below:


The site linked above will supply you with ready-made modifications for your Xbox 360 controller to bring it out of its boring, stock design and into a design like no other! Below are some pictures of the modifications that they supply for your Xbox 360 controller:


The Dominator Grip Sets – In Red & Green



The Speed Freak & FPS Freak Controller Mod



The above products can be found, with their corresponding prices by following the link below:


Or perhaps you would like to get a completely custom controller? If so you should follow the link below to my tutorial on “How to get your own 100% custom Xbox 360 controller”:

Perhaps one of the above designs has interested you? Maybe it is time to head to the ControllerChaos website and see what else they have for you. Enjoy your newfound Xbox 360 controller knowledge.