This tutorial is written to show left hand mouse users how they can invert the mouse buttons on their mouse in Windows XP, Vista and 7, so that the left mouse button performs right mouse button actions and vice versa. Read below to find out how easy it is to optimize your control over your mouse, without having to make the sacrifice of learning how to use your right hand to control your mouse.

The first step you will need to complete in order to invert your mouse buttons is to click the “Start” menu and then click “Control Panel”, this will open the computer’s “Control Panel”.


Once you open the “Control Panel” you must click the icon named “Mouse”, which should appear like so:

Editing the mouse settings in control panel


Once you have double clicked the “Mouse” icon, which is circled in red above, you will be presented with the window shown below:

clicking the checkbox


In the screenshot above, you will notice that an area is circled in red. This area is the checkbox which you must click (which will put a tick inside the box) in order to invert the buttons on your mouse. The box you must check, in case you cannot see it in the screenshot above, is on the left side of the text “Switch primary and secondary buttons”.

clicking apply on the mouse settings


Now, by referring to the screenshot above, you can proceed to making sure that the “Switch primary and secondary buttons” checkbox is checked with a small green tick, if the checkbox is ticked then you may click the “Apply” button to compete the inversion process.

You will now notice that your mouse buttons will now be inverted, your left mouse button will act as the right and your right mouse button will act as the left. This is sure to prove very convenient to any computer user who prefers to use the mouse with their left hand. Enjoy your newfound mouse interface altering knowledge.