This tutorial will explain to any Xbox 360 user how they can play not only CD-R audio CDs but also CD-RW audio CDs on their console. Read below to find out how you can allow your stock standard Xbox 360 console to play virtually any type of audio CD.

This is a very easy way to save on buying a CD that you already own but are unable to play on your Xbox 360, due to it being damaged, etc. In this simple process you will be able to backup your original CD to any type of CD and play it back in the media player on your Xbox 360 console.


Note: Only make a backup copy of media that you own an original, purchased copy of. Otherwise, you may be breaking the law in your state or jurisdiction.


The first thing you must do is open “Windows Media Player”, which can be done by holding the “Windows” key and tapping the “R” key to open the “Run” dialogue and then typing into the “Run” dialogue the text below:



Once you have entered the text above into the “Run” dialogue, you must click the “OK” button or hit the “Enter” key. This will open the “Windows Media Player”.


Now that you have opened the “Windows Media Player”, you can click the “Burn” tab at the top of the window and then drag your favourite music files from the list of songs on the left to the pane on the right. Once you have dragged all of your favourite songs into the right pane be sure to check that it will all fit on one CD (maximum of 80 minutes of songs).


Once you are sure that all of your music in the right pane adds up to less than 80 minutes, you must click the “Start Burn” at the bottom of the right pane. This will begin the disc burning process.


Note: If you are prompted at any point to choose either a “Live” or a “Mastered” CD type, be sure to select “Mastered” as it will enable you to play it on your Xbox 360 console.


Once the burning process has completed your disc will eject. Take your disc from the drive and insert it into your Xbox 360 console. If necessary, restart the Xbox 360 console.


You will now have a playable audio CD that will work in a stock standard Xbox 360 console.

Well done, you have now saved yourself from having to re-buy the CD that you have already purchased. Enjoy your newfound Xbox 360 audio CD backup knowledge.