This tutorial is written so that all of you Ubuntu users can disable the login sound that you would surely have heard thousands of times. Read below to find out how you can disable the login tune in Ubuntu in a minute or two.

The first thing you must do is click the “start” button on the taskbar. Then you must select “System” from the menu and then select “Preferences” and then select “Startup Applications”. Like so:

System > Preferences > Startup Applications


Once you have clicked “Startup Applications” you will then need to select the tab, which should be named “Startup Programs”. Once you have navigated to the “Startup Programs” tab you must then search for the text “GNOME Login Sound” and click the white box next to it until you have removed the small tick/cross from the button.


Once you have unchecked the box next to the text “GNOME Login Sound”, you may close the currently opened windows and restart your computer to experience that silent startup you have been waiting to hear for so long.

Now you will be able to logon whenever you feel necessary, without the irritation of hearing that default login noise that once more! Enjoy your newfound Ubuntu tweaking knowledge.