This tutorial is written to show all Ubuntu users out there how they can install all of their favourite TrueType fonts that they miss from Windows. It is time to ditch the boring old Ubuntu fonts and install your best font collections for use on your Ubuntu machine! Read below to find out how you can install all the TrueType fonts you love in minutes.

The first thing you must do is open the “Terminal” (the Ubuntu equivalent of Windows’ command prompt). This can be done by performing the (hold down “Alt” key and then tap “F2” key) key combination or the traditional way, which is clicking on the “start” button in the taskbar at the top of your screen (or wherever you moved it) and then click “Applications” then click “Accessories” then click “Terminal”. This will open the “Terminal” (the same as Windows’ command prompt”.


If the above instructions used to open “Terminal” on your Ubuntu computer have not worked or you are confused then follow the simple text below:

Click “start” button > click “Applications” > click “Accessories” > click “Terminal”


Once you have followed one of the methods above to open the “Terminal”, you must then type the following text directly into your “Terminal” window or copy and paste it if you would prefer:

sudo apt-get install ttf-mscorefonts-installer


Once you have typed or copied the above code into your “Terminal” window you must hit the “Enter” key. Hitting the “Enter” key will initiate the installation of the “ttf-mscorefonts-installer” package. Once you have hit “Enter” you will likely be prompted with an “Enter Password” prompt, if this happens to you then you must enter the password for your user account (or the Administrator’s account) and then hit the “Enter” key once again.


Once you have confirmed your password and the installation has started, you will usually be prompted with a line of text similar to “53MB of data must be downloaded (y/n), I am unsure exactly what it will ask you as it may vary from system to system, although what you must do is hit the “Y” button on your keyboard and then the “Enter” key if necessary, which in turn will tell the “Terminal” that it is ok to begin the download of the files that are going to install themselves onto your computer.


You will notice a large list of text beginning to scroll from top to bottom on your screen as soon as you hit the “Y” key. This text is readable to more experienced Ubuntu users, although it is not necessary to understand exactly what it means so don’t worry if you don’t know.


This fast-scrolling chain of text could go on for some time, depending on the speed of your internet connection as well as the speed of the computer which you are installing the software package to, so you must be patient.


Once the download is finished you will be prompted with a line of text and a blinking cursor, which should be in a format similar to below:

root@ubuntu-machine: _    <- The underscore is a cursor, which will be flashing


Your installation of the software, which will allow you to install TrueType fonts should now be active (if it isn’t you may need to restart).


Now to access the installer for the TrueType fonts, you must click the “start” button in the taskbar, then click “System”, then click “Preferences”, then click “Appearance”, which will open the “Appearance” editor, then click the tab marked “Fonts”. If you don’t understand this then follow the text below:

Click the “start” button > Click “System” > Click “Preferences” > Click “Appearance” > Click the tab marked “Fonts”


Once you have followed either of the two methods above to enter the “Fonts” tab in the “Appearance Preferences” window you must then select your font file and then select the size and properties of the TrueType text file you selected. You may now tweak the TrueType font you selected to your liking.


Once you have chosen exactly where and how you would like your TrueType font to appear or be available to use, you may click the “Close” button in the bottom right corner of the “Appearance Preferences” to close the window. You may then restart your computer and log back in to Ubuntu and your new TrueType fonts will now be available.


Note: There are very few TrueType fonts that come with the “ttf-mscorefonts-installer” package, so you are able to install some more to add them to the list. To do so you must copy the TrueType font file (.ttf) to your Desktop and then enter the code below into the “Terminal”:

sudo mv Desktop/*.ttf /usr/share/fonts/truetype/msttcorefonts/


The code shown above will move every TrueType text file (.ttf file) that is in your “Desktop” folder to the directory where the TrueType fonts are now installed in Ubuntu, which will be the directory shown below:



Once the code has been entered into “Terminal” and you have hit the “Enter” key, the files will move and then the files will be added to the TrueType font repository in Ubuntu.


Now you must restart your computer, when you log back in the new fonts should be active.

It really is that simple to install and use TrueType fonts from the Windows operating system on Ubuntu. Enjoy your newfound Ubuntu font installation knowledge.