This tutorial will guide any computer user who runs any Microsoft Windows users through the installation and activation of the popular and effective firewall product – “ZoneAlarm”. Read below to find out how you can install and activate the “ZoneAlarm” firewall software for free in just a few minutes.

The first thing you must do is be sure that you currently have an active internet connection on your PC. You can check this by looking at the icons next to the clock in the bottom right of your screen (in the taskbar) for an icon resembling a picture of a PC monitor and a picture of an Earth globe. If there is only a PC monitor and no Earth globe, you are currently connected to your local network only. Thus you will have no internet connectivity, although you will be able to connect to other computers on your home or office network. To be 100% sure that you are currently connected to the internet, hit the “Refresh” button on your browser to reload this tutorial; if it loads a blank white page or a page telling you that the page is inaccessible then you currently do not have an active internet connection. On the other hand if you refresh this tutorial and it appears in working order, just as it usually would then you do currently have an active internet connection.


Once you have certified that your computer is connected to the internet, you may proceed to click the URL below in order to acquire your free copy of the “ZoneAlarm” firewall for your computer:


Once you navigate to the webpage linked above, you will be presented with the following page:

ZoneAlarm home page


In the above page you will notice the text “Your download will start in a minute", which is informing you that a dialogue box will appear in a few seconds asking you to accept the download of their installer. The dialogue will appear after 2-5 seconds and will look like so:

Saving the installer file


As you can see in the above screenshots, there is a button circled in red that is marked with the text “Save File”. You must click the “Save File” button once, doing so will bring up the dialogue box shown below, which will allow you to choose where you would like to save the installer file:

Saving the ZoneAlarm installer file


In the above screenshot you will notice that it is much the same as any other saving dialogue box in Windows. You must select the directory you would like to save the file from the vertical line of icons in the left of the dialogue box and then you must click the “Save” button on the bottom right of the dialogue box. Once you have saved the file you must then navigate to the place of which you saved it and then open the installer by double-clicking it just as you would to open any other file in Windows. Once you do so the program will bring up a guided installation program, which is very simple as all you have to do is choose options and then click the “Next” button after each option selection.


Once you have followed through the guided installation you will be prompted to restart your computer. You must restart your computer by clicking the “Start” button in the bottom left side of the screen and then selecting “Turn Off Computer” and then select “Restart”. This will make your computer shutdown and then turn itself back on again. If your computer is slow then now is a good time to go and get a drink.


Once your computer has restarted you must log in to your computer and you will notice that the “ZoneAlarm” icon will be in the bottom right side of your screen, in the taskbar, next to the clock. You can change settings by double-clicking this icon or by right-clicking the icon and then selecting the most appropriate option from the context menu that will appear.


Every time you make a major change or update to the ZoneAlarm software it may ask you to restart your computer, if it does ask you for this then restart as soon as time permits, as in this time you are likely not protected against threats from hackers and other malicious people and software.


If you would like to unlock the full capabilities of “ZoneAlarm” then you can buy the full version by using the “Buy Full Version” button within the “ZoneAlarm” program or by visiting the link below and purchasing the full version of the program:


It is also a great idea to use a separate antivirus program, as this will provide much greater protection against worms, trojans and viruses than just using protection suites. If you would like a comparative list, including pricing, effectiveness, overall ratings and a general review on a few of the World’s leading antivirus software then you may visit the link below to read my antivirus reviews and recommendations:

You should now have a fully functional firewall running, which is sure to contribute greatly towards a secure computer system. Enjoy your newfound Windows firewall knowledge.