This tutorial is for all Internet Explorer users who would like to change where their downloaded files are saved by default. Read below to find out how you can edit your download folder for Internet Explorer just by editing a data value.

The first thing you must do is open the “Registry Editor”, which can be opened by opening the “Run dialogue. The “Run” dialogue can be opened using the holding the “Windows” key and then pressing the “R” key. Once the “Run” dialogue has opened you must enter into the text box within the dialogue window the text below:



Once you have entered the above text into the text box within the “Run” dialogue you must then hit the “Enter” button. The “Registry Editor” window will now open.


You must search for a particular registry entry, which can be done by clicking the small “+” signs on the left of each of the folders in the left pane of the “registry Editor” window. You must navigate through the directories to the “Internet Explorer” folder as shown below:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Software –> Microsoft -> Internet Explorer


Once you navigate to the “Internet Explorer” folder you must right the string on the right named “Download Directory”. The folder you must navigate to (circled in lower left) as well as the “Download Directory” string (circled on upper right) is shown in the screenshot below:

Editing the windows registry to change default download directory for windows internet explorer


You must right click the “Download Directory” and then click the “Modify” text, which will bring up this dialogue box:

Editing the IE data value


As you can see in the screenshot above, my current default download location for files in Internet Explorer is blacked out for privacy reasons, although your current default save location will appear here and you may edit it to the directory of your choice. For example; if you wanted every file you downloaded to automatically be saved to the root of the “C” drive then you would edit the data in the text box below “Value data” text the text below:



By typing the above into the box and then clicking “OK” and closing the “Registry Editor”, your new default save location will be the root of the “C” drive (i.e. C:\). Your default save location is now set to the directory that you typed into the text box.

Congratulations, you just made using Microsoft Internet Explorer so much easier. Enjoy your newfound Microsoft Internet Explorer setting modification knowledge.