This tutorial explains to all Windows users how they can install a simple program that will allow them to close all open programs in a single click. Read below to find out how easily you can install this wonderful program and boost your efficiency.

The first thing you must do is be sure that you have an active internet connection, which can be checked by opening your favourite web browser (i.e Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox) and visiting the website of your choice. For example, type into the address bar at the top of the browser “” and then hit the “Enter” key. If the Google webpage loads then you have an active internet connection, if the webpage does not load then you should try another website, if the second website does not load then you do not have an active internet connection.


Now that we have that out of the way we can get to the good part, installing the program!


To acquire the installer for the software you must visit the URL below:


Once you have clicked the link above and it has opened in your default web browser, you will see the following page:

Downloading the CloseAll zip file


You will notice that in the above picture there is a red circle around the text “Download – (36 KB). You must click this text (which will bring up a dialogue asking you whether you would like to open or save the file). If you open or save the file you must extract it using an “Archive Extractor” which can be found by visiting the download page of “WinRAR” linked below:


Once you have extracted the “” file to your desktop, you must open the folder (which should be named “CloseAll”) and then right-click the file named “CloseAll.exe” and move your mouse to “Send To” and then select “Desktop (create shortcut)”.


Once you have selected “Send To” and then selected “Desktop (create shortcut)”, an icon of a red “X” will appear on your desktop and the icon should be named “CloseAll”. In order to enable the famous “One click close”, you must click and drag the “CloseAll” icon on your desktop into the “Taskbar”, on the right side of your “Start” button and then release the drag when the icon hovers over the “Taskbar” with a small curved arrow indicating a shortcut appears over the icon of which you are moving.


Now whenever you would like to close every program open in your taskbar, all you must do is click the “Red X” in your “Taskbar”, next to your “start” button.

Congratulations, you just made your computer much more effective in the way of ending applications. Enjoy your newfound Windows convenience knowledge.