This tutorial is written keeping in mind all of you Ubuntu users our there who are still plagued as to how they are to change their date and time settings. However, there is no need to worry as this is tutorial to show you how you can change the time and date in your “Terminal” (command prompt). Read below to find out how you can change your date and time settings in Ubuntu using the command prompt in just seconds.

The first step is of course to open the “Terminal” (command prompt). This can be done by minimizing or closing all open windows and then hit “Alt” + “F2”, which will open the “Run Application” window. From this window you must type into the available text box the text below and then click “Run”



Once you have entered the text above and then clicked the “Run” button in the bottom right of the “Run Application” window, your “Terminal” (command prompt) window will open. This window by default will be black with white text upon it. In this window you must type the text below and then hit “Enter” on your keyboard.



Once you have entered the text above and then hit the “Enter” key on your keyboard, you will be presented with the current date and time in text, which will be in the format shown below:

Tue Apr 12 Mon Mar 16:00:00 GMT 2011


Now that the text above has been presented to you, the current time and date is clear. Now it is time to change it. To change the date and time you must enter the command below in the shown format:

sudo date 041216002011


After you have entered the code above into the “Terminal” (command prompt), you must hit the “Enter” key. After doing so your date and time will change to the date that you set above. If you are still confused about how to use the format above to insert your preferred date and time, refer to the highlighted section below:

sudo date 04 (Month) 12 (Day) 1600 (Time in 24hour) 2011 (Year)


All you must do is replace the text above with your month, date, time and year then hit “Enter”. Doing so will automatically replace your current date and time.

Congratulations! You have just changed your date and time settings on Ubuntu using the “Terminal”. Enjoy your newfound Ubuntu setting modification knowledge.