This tutorial is written to explain to all Windows users how easily they can remove all of the icons on their desktop, whilst being able to make them reappear just as they were with two simple clicks. Read below to find out how you can remove your icons to remove unwanted clutter from your desktop in just seconds.

The first thing you must do is navigate to your desktop, which can be done by minimizing or closing all currently open windows.


Once you have navigated to your desktop, you must then right-click once on a free space on your desktop like so:

Right clicking the desktop 


Once you have right-clicked the desktop as shown in the screenshot above, you must then move your mouse pointer to the text “Arrange Icons By” like so:

Arrange icons by


Now that you have moused over the “Arrange Icons By” text, you will notice that the text “Show Desktop Icons” should have a ‘tick’ (check) next to it. In order to disable icons on your desktop all you must do is left-click once the text “Show Desktop Icons”.


Once you have clicked the text “Show Desktop Icons”, the ‘tick’ (check) will be removed, thus removing your desktop icons. In order to bring your icons back with the exact layout and placement they had prior to being removed, all you must do is right-click once on the desktop and navigate to the “Arrange Icon By” text and left-click once the text “Show Desktop Icons”, which will place a ‘tick’ (check) on the left side of the text “Show Desktop Icons” and after a few seconds your desktop icons will reappear.

Congratulations! You can now maintain a neat, fresh look on your Windows computer. Enjoy your newfound Windows customization knowledge.