This tutorial is aimed at showing every user of Windows Vista or Windows XP how they can dramatically decrease the boot time of their computer by disabling unnecessary startup programs. Read below to find out how you can decrease your boot time in just minutes.

The first step you must take is to open the “Run” window, which be opened by holding the “Windows” key and then pressing the “R” key.

Hold down “Windows” key, while holding the “Windows” key press the “R” key once and then release the “Windows” key.


Once you have opened the “Run” window, you may then proceed to opening the “System Configuration” window, which can be done by typing into the text box within the “Run” window the text below and then hitting the “Enter” key or clicking “OK”:



You must enter the text into the appropriate text box like so:

Opening msconfig


Once you have entered the text above as shown you must then hit the “Enter” key or click the “OK” button.


Now you should have the “System Configuration” window open, which will look like this:

System configuration


You must now click the tab marked “Startup” on the top of the window like so:

System configuration - startup


The startup services shown above will vary depending on your computer. As you can see I am running Windows Vista on a Lenovo computer.


You must now scroll through this list of programs and remove the programs that you know are not necessary by left-clicking once in the white box on the left of the program name then clicking “Apply” then clicking “OK”. For example if you wanted to disable “Windows Defender” on startup, you would uncheck the box next to “Windows Defender” then click the button marked “Apply” then restart your computer.


Once you have clicked the the “OK” button you will be prompted to restart your computer, accept the prompt and your computer will restart. Once your computer restarts you will notice a decrease in your startup time, which will vary depending on which startup programs you disabled.

Congratulations! You have just decreased the boot up time of your computer. Enjoy your newfound Windows performance boosting knowledge.