This post was sparked earlier this evening as I once again pictured myself handing out donated and purchased computers. This has been what seemed to be a pipedream for what seems to be several years. As hard as it may be to believe, I am 16 years of age at the time of writing this post and the original concept of this project I devised when I was newly 13 years old.

Now, I am a computer enthusiast and I also know a good bargain when I see one, thus I understand the sceptics out there would no doubt be rather hostile towards believing my proposition. As hard as it is to believe a person on the internet offering something completely free without the classy little “*” (asterisk) after the word “free” I do sincerely hope that you read to the end of this piece of writing and leave a comment stating what you think and any tips or motivation that may be inherent within.


I will now proceed to explain the general outline of my current situation within life as a whole, which will hopefully contribute towards your insight and overall understanding of what it is I wish to achieve and how I am hoping to do so. Your concentration is important to me and potentially yourself if in fact the times comes when you need a computer but have little or no money for any such thing.


I will begin by stating that I am 16 years of age at the time of writing this post and will turn 17 in mid April of next year. I have just completed year 11 in a high school in the Adelaide area. Unfortunately for myself and a few other students interested in the beautiful and historic world of Information Technology, the Information Technology will be running for the school year of 2011 for all students except those who will be in year 12 in the year of 2011. To be honest I was not far shy of shattered when I was informed of this event of which I would refer to as nothing but ridiculous. The supposed reason for this is a “Lack of staff”, as I was informed by a staff member of my school (I choose not to name names as this could agitate my schooling environment and perhaps influence their grading schemes towards me in a negative manner). I believe that it is not a “Lack of staff” but instead a lack of professional training amongst them. The most common attribute of our Information Technology sector that made me sway my beliefs in such a direction was the fact that they can run a Year 10 and Year 11 class, yet for some reason the teachers running these classes have mysterious “meetings” in place of the lesson in Information Technology I would most graciously accept.


As much as it pains me to suppress the name of my school and the “upholders” of the Information Technology department at my school who seem to enjoy their sadistic ignorance of those who are technically minded and preventing them by all means necessary from roaming their environment as a playpen of which could otherwise incorporate much potential for learning. I have recently began studying the Python programming language under both the Ubuntu and Windows platform, which has yielded some rather satisfying results in the way of the construction of several useful programs, of which have provided very practical use for myself and those who have used them.


Moving right along from my current state on this Earth and on to something much more important, which of course is my new project. The project of which I have contributed increasingly toward over the last year has finally come together and now the only thing holding me back is the lack of generosity inherent in the world of computer retail today, alongside my current lack of funds. My intent is to acquire a source of income, from which I intend to order a commercial shipment of Ubuntu 10.04LTS/10.10 installation discs in order for me to package them with computers that I will deal to the needy members of the public. These computers can be anything ranging from an old IBM to one of the newest Toshiba’s because in actual fact a computer is only as good as its user. As I will be acquiring my provisional license soon and I currently own a station wagon, it seemed apparent to me that I would more than happily be able to collect any computers that are unwanted, unnecessary or owned by a person who understands how a person can need something that they simply can not have and how they can apply empathy towards helping these people in the best way they can.


Once I receive my provisional license I intend to mail out flyers, which will state on them that I would be more than happy to collect these computers at a time that was convenient to the owner assuming that time at my end permitted such. Once I have acquired the computers I will then perform any hardware upgrades that seemed necessary, clean the entire computer including within all intricate components in order to provide a clean computer appearing as if it is new. I will also install the Ubuntu operating system onto it and install a few additional programs that the user may be interested in. Upon completion of the system upgrades and repairs I would hold them until an applicant who was in need of a computer either for education purposes or perhaps a small business they are starting or even a person such as myself who would love to have any addition to their network they could get in order to add to their knowledge of computing in general.


Hopefully once I get this project running I will acquire a sponsor of some kind who could perhaps contribute towards me renting a small commercial building or a shed that I could store and distribute the machines from upon completion.


I am extremely grateful of the fact that you have taken the time out of your day to focus on the dreams of one person in this world of billions, your empathy has not gone unnoticed.


If you have any thoughts, opinions, tips, advice, unwanted computers or hardware or even a contact you have who may have one or many of these things then I would greatly appreciate you leaving a comment below this post and sharing it on your favourite site sharing service. Also if you feel that you have a contact or information that may be too sensitive for the public then feel free to send me an E-mail at the E-mail address highlighted below.


I hope to hear from you soon. Good night.