This tutorial was written to show all Windows XP users how they can add a shortcut of their most commonly used programs to the left pane of their “start” menu. Read below to find out how you can increase the capacity of the “Recently used programs” pane on the left of the “start” menu.

The first step you must take towards increasing the capacity of the “Recently used programs” pane on the left of the “start” menu, you must first single-right click the “start” button, which will open a small context menu like so:

Right clicking the start button


You will notice in the screenshot above contains a red circle, which encapsulates the text “Properties”. You must click the text “Properties”, which will open the “Taskbar and start menu properties” window, which will appear like so:

Taskbar and start menu properties - customize


Within the window that you are presented with you will have access to a button marked “Customize”. You must click the button circled in red marked with the text “Customize”. Once you click the “Customize” button, you will be presented with the “Customize start menu” window like so:

Customize start menu


Now as you can see in the screenshot of the “Customize Start Menu” window depicted above there is a red circle around a box filled with the number six. The number six can be replaced by using the up and down arrows in order to alter the number of most recently used programs that appear in the left pane of your “start” menu. The maximum you can set this to is thirty.

Congratulations! You have just changed the amount of recent programs in your “start” menu. Enjoy your newfound Microsoft Windows customization knowledge.