This piece was written after many requests from our community asking what exactly the term “Apache” means. Read below if you are curious.

The term “Apache” refers to a server software. This software is used to run websites on the internet, which in turn can be accessed from all around the world. Apache software may also be used in the construction of what is known as an “Intranet”.


An Intranet is in a way the internet, although it is accessible only to select people. This is commonly used in a corporation such as a bank. An intranet may also be used in a home environment. For example I am running an intranet at my home. The intranet has four devices running from it. There are two desktop computers, a laptop and a Nintendo Wii. These are all interconnected through an MSI router and the Apache server is running on one of the desktop computers. The other desktop computer acts as a network security type system, which will watch my intranet for intrusions and on sight of an intrusion will lockdown my network and prevent all incoming traffic. Upon the lockdown I am notified by a serious of loud beeps from a stereo connected to the network watch system and I can then react on the intrusion as I will be able to probe the computer and in turn receive their IP (internet protocol) address and their current operating system.


The above example is a common example of an intranet, although most commercial intranets will be colossal in size in comparison to this. For example a bank or similar corporation may have hundreds or even thousands of computers may be interconnected, potentially over many kilometres. Although the longer the stretch of the intranet can prove more risk in terms of security as it may provide an opening for a cracker or information thief to cut a cable and intercept network traffic.


So in general Apache is a server software which can run through command line, also a GUI is available. Apache is also available on practically every operating system. The most commonly used operating system for servers running Apache is a Linux distribution because of its open source nature providing much more opportunity in the way of customization as well as security, speed and reliability.