What would you think of a weekly hacker meeting in Adelaide?

I have been thinking recently that it would be great to have a hacker get-together every week or so, within a close proximity to our home. I searched the Internet and many other forms of advertisement media to find that the only public group of hackers is the hackerspace-adelaide group. I figured since they are more oriented toward the technological side of things (i.e. circuitry, electrical engineering, etc) that a group catered specifically toward the use of computers would be a very valuable one. After all it is certain that you would love to either learn to hack or teach others to hack (ethically, of course) or both.

Send me an E-mail at chafflube@hotmail.com to let me know what you think. With sufficient replies the group will be started and we can then decide on a meeting place and times.

From the admin at Chafflube’s Tech Blog.