What is it about the mystery of the invisible and untouchable that drives us to create such devices at which we marvel?

Why is it we let something so minuscule dictate the way in which we live each of our days while we place such strong emphasis on a person’s ability to ‘stand their ground.’

The electron, potentially the smallest creation in existence, not only fascinates our world that uses and abuses them, but is a fundamental ingredient in the human ability to be ‘fascinated.’ Without electronic interaction between the windings within our mind, our concept of electronic theory would cease to exists, as would the world as we know it.

Such things allow the creativity, which can be summoned at random from the tangled web of pipes we carry each day on our shoulders, whose weight, although apparent exists not as a burden, but rather an infinite spring which flows with concepts and dreams, all of which can be comprehended and analyzed by the very web who created them.

Our mind, although so fascinating, finds solace in questioning itself. Perhaps the only computational machine known to man, that has the true ability to question itself.

Unbelievably, irrespective of the intrinsic complexity of the processor we bear, it is the very concept of the electron that allows not only our minds, but also every day in the modern world that we have moulded, to function.

To think that the very existence of our mind relies on that of electronic theory, is fascinating.

The only remaining question is; as important as we perceive electricity to be in maintaining our world, do we truly understand the inherent evil it brings, at least in the way it is utilized? More importantly, do we truly understand the benefits of our excessive and ever growing consumption?

The result of the human discovery of electricity and the subsequent applications of it have effectively drawn an abrupt end to true communication; its replacement, social media.

A prime example of the unnecessary complications caused by the introduction of electricity in our everyday lives is:

The wood stove (burning wood – biofuel), now being replaced by an electric stove (soon to be powered by a biofuel power plant).

Can you spot the evident flaw in logic here? Do you believe that the person responsible for deciding to convert biofuel to electricity to heat, instead of biofuel to heat, had any understanding whatsoever regarding the ‘Law of Conservation of Energy’?

Electricity is seen to be a ‘saviour’ of the planet and the ‘source’ of energy that our modern world will rely on. But, we have all forgotten the most fundamental rule of engineering, “Keep it simple!”

Because of this, engineering in the modern world has become overcomplicated as mechanical devices are replaced by far less efficient electrical machinery, in the hope to move toward a ‘Greener Future.’

In my personal opinion, overzealous energy conversion is not going to be the saviour of the planet, but rather moving to traditional methods of machine design, involving as few energy conversions as possible in order to operate.

It must become generally accepted that the true path to a more sustainable future very likely will not involve electricity at all.

Thank you all for reading and I would love to hear what your thoughts regarding the  aforementioned subjects are. Please do share and leave a comment. Perhaps we can instill some alternative viewpoints into others.