Dillon Chaffey (Chafflube) Founder of Chafflube’s Tech Blog and leader of the Chafflube Community.

Hello and welcome to the Chafflube community. My name is Dillon Chaffey. I am 18 years old and I live in Adelaide, South Australia.

I am an electrical and mechanical engineering student, studying at the University of South Australia. I have ambitions to develop electric cars, robotic limbs and industrial automation solutions in the near future. I hope to be an adept electrical and mechanical engineer within the next 10 years and intend on becoming a productive member of society.

If anybody would like to ask me any questions relating to my site’s content, advertising opportunities or any other question in general, simply comment on any one of my posts, assuming it is related to that particular post, otherwise visit my “Suggestion Box” using the link below:


Thank you, all. Keep those comments, questions and suggestions coming. I hope to hear from you all, very soon!