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As we all know, there is often a negative connotation associated with energy efficient devices. Usually such connotations involve the presumption that such devices are more expensive and produce a lesser effect.

Also, as a guy, I have also found that excessive energy consumption will generally put a man in an advantageous social situation. Some examples of this are – large displacement car engines, bigger cars, louder stereos, brighter outdoor floodlights, faster boats, bigger kitchens, bigger bathrooms, heated towel racks, etc.

I believe that this “cool” factor which men are deriving from this energy wastage may be due to the fact that excessive consumption of resources is linked to above average wealth, which, for no apparent reason, is seen to be the mark of a better man.

So, to all the guys out there who like to trick out their cars, homes, boats and suchlike. Before you dash out and grab some incredibly inefficient Neon tubing or incandescent light globes. Perhaps you should have a look at what results a more efficient type of lighting can achieve. In the case of all of my projects, this is of course LED lighting.

Below is a couple images of a mate’s car, after an LED installation I completed earlier this week, with lots of help from my mate, Noel. Also keep in mind that the energy consumption of this entire system is less than 3 amps at 12V (DC) (or 36 Watts).

DSC00532 DSC00536_numberPlateBlurred DSC00535_numberPlateBlurred


Now compare this to a neon installation and try and pick the difference in brightness.

Neon tubing underglow.


As you can see from the image above, the light intensity of the LED kit is slightly more than that of the Neon kit of a comparable colour. Although it is drawing more than twice the amount of electrical power.

So before you consider buying the overpriced and obsolete neon tubing, perhaps you could consider LED strips, which are not only able to be cut to length ( between every 3 LEDs), but can be dimmed, draw less current, generate less heat, are flexible, able to be fixed to any flat clean surface using the adhesive backing,have a service life of 50,000 to 100,000 hours, are shock resistant and can be purchased in a waterproof form.

Not to mention the fact that 12V (DC) LED strips are available in 5 metre lengths on from Hong Kong, China for as little as $10 (with free postage). Or $2/metre. note

I do so hope that if you intend on doing any car, boat, caravan, motor-home or home lighting design that you at least consider using LEDs. I am almost positive that you will not be disappointed. I would also like to let you know, I am not a salesman, just a satisfied customer.

Thank you all for reading and I hope to hear about your LED design ideas in the comments section below. Have a great day!


G’day readers. I hope that you are all having a fantastic day.

I have prepared this short explanation of why it is that people don’t want to drive electric cars, but instead cars powered by conventional over-powered combustion engines.

I will begin by introducing two cars, one is powered by a combustion engine and one by an electric motor. I am sure you can guess which is which using the pictures below.

nissan-leaf HSV E-series 2 Senator








I am sure that I do not need to tell you this, but the one on the left is the Nissan LEAF, an all electric car and the one on he right is the Holden HSV E3 Senator, powered by a very large combustion engine.

Now, without saying more, I believe that I have illustrated the real reason for people not driving electric cars. This is of course that ELECTRIC CARS ARE UGLY AND GUTLESS!

For all environmentalists concerned with dangerous carbon emissions, the appearance of electric cars is surely the primary limiting factor in their widespread adoption and the ultimate overturn of fossil-fuel-powered cars.

Down to the specs:

Nissan LEAF vs Holden HSV E3 Senator

Nissan LEAF specs from:

Holden HSV E3 Senator specs from:

From the table above it quickly becomes apparent that the Nissan LEAF and all similar electric cars seem to belong to the stereotype, ugly and gutless. Whereas the world’s understanding of sexy and powerful is a huge car with an oversized engine, a prime example of this is the Holden HSV E3 Senator.

In summary, I hope that one day somebody will be able to develop and build attractive and powerful all-electric cars. A company of interest to me in this field is Tesla Motors. Have a look at their cars by visiting the link below:

The 2013 Model S is of particular interest to me. What do you think?

Who knows, perhaps Ford will make an all-electric version of their new 2012 Evos Hybrid Concept (pictured below).

ford-evos-concept-630 Ford-EVOS-Concept-Car-21

Please do leave a comment, vote on the poll below and let us all know what you think or what you have found regarding attractive electric cars. Surely companies similar to Tesla Motors exist and we would all love to hear about them.

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