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This tutorial is written for those of you out there who are diehard Xbox 360 fans, but cannot play all of the games you love because your parents or your older brother has put a “Parental Control” code on your console. Very inconvenient right? Wrong. Read below to find out how you can reset this password in just seconds, using nothing but your Xbox 360 controller.

The first thing you must do is go to the “Settings” page on your Xbox 360 console.


Once you have opened the Xbox 360 console’s “Settings” menu, you must select the “Parental Controls” option. Once you have selected the “Parental Controls” option, you must then access the “Pass code Screen”.


Now that you are at the “Pass code Screen” you must press (relatively hard) for a brief period of time (~500ms) and then promptly release the buttons on the Xbox 360 controller, just as you would enter a cheat code into a game such as; “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas,” in the combination shown below:

X + Y + L + X


There is a certain trick to entering this code time perfectly, but once you get it the Xbox 360 console will reset the “Parental Controls” pass code back to the default code (the code that was originally on your console at the time you bought it).


Note: Like every console trick, it is not guaranteed to work on your specific console, due to model variations. Also, this is just one of the combinations that supposedly works. Although, if it does not work for you then stay on the same screen and enter as many random combinations of buttons on the controller as you possibly can, you are bound to break it eventually. Good luck.


Now, assuming that the above method has worked for you and your console, enjoy your hard earned playtime on all your favourite games.

It’s done, all you have left to do now is enjoy your games. Enjoy your newfound Xbox 360 password resetting knowledge.


This tutorial is aimed at all Xbox 360 users who would like to choose a unique name for their Xbox 360 console to show off to their friends. Read below to find out how you can use an Easter Egg to allow you one opportunity to permanently change the name of your Xbox 360 console.

This tutorial requires that you can get your hands on a copy of the Xbox 360 game “Dead Or Alive 3” for long enough to complete a task.


In case you do not understand what I mean exactly, by the term “How to change the name of your Xbox 360 console”, I will explain it to you. The term refers to the name of your Xbox 360 console shown online (not your Live ID but your name). This “name” will appear as your console name in games such as Halo. By changing this from the default serial-like name, you will stand out from the crowd and have a great bragging right over your buddies!


Now, I will continue my tutorial assuming you have acquired a copy of the game “Dead Or Alive 3”. The first thing you must do is power on your console and insert the “Dead Or Alive 3” game disc into the console.


Once you have inserted the disc, boot up the game. If you are new to this game, then it is recommended that you read a separate walkthrough, off a game site for instance. Once you have booted up the game, you must play “challenge mode” until you have completed the entire “challenge mode”.


When you complete “challenge” mode, you will be prompted to enter a name. Once you enter the desired name, the name of your Xbox 360 console will now be named according to what you entered in the “Record” box.


So, once you have entered the desired name into the box you are prompted with at the end of “challenge” mode and hit accept, your Xbox 360 console will now bee seen in games like Halo as the new name you have given your console.


If you would like to view your console’s new name then load up Halo and enter the “Multiplayer” mode. Once you have entered the “Multiplayer” mode, you must select “Split Screen” and then the appropriate “Profile” and “Location” settings. After you have selected the appropriate options, you will be presented with a screen saying “Waiting for more players”, just as you usually would. Now you will notice that there is a picture of your Xbox 360 console above your profile name, above the picture of your console will be a word. This word will be used from now on, every time your Xbox 360 console goes online.


Note: This may not always work, it depends entirely on the model of your console as well as many other factors. So if it does not work for you don’t worry, you are just unlucky. Good Luck.

That’s it! You now have something to brad to your buddies about and to show off the next time you play online with certain games Enjoy your newfound Xbox modification knowledge.

This tutorial will explain to any Xbox 360 user how they can play not only CD-R audio CDs but also CD-RW audio CDs on their console. Read below to find out how you can allow your stock standard Xbox 360 console to play virtually any type of audio CD.

This is a very easy way to save on buying a CD that you already own but are unable to play on your Xbox 360, due to it being damaged, etc. In this simple process you will be able to backup your original CD to any type of CD and play it back in the media player on your Xbox 360 console.


Note: Only make a backup copy of media that you own an original, purchased copy of. Otherwise, you may be breaking the law in your state or jurisdiction.


The first thing you must do is open “Windows Media Player”, which can be done by holding the “Windows” key and tapping the “R” key to open the “Run” dialogue and then typing into the “Run” dialogue the text below:



Once you have entered the text above into the “Run” dialogue, you must click the “OK” button or hit the “Enter” key. This will open the “Windows Media Player”.


Now that you have opened the “Windows Media Player”, you can click the “Burn” tab at the top of the window and then drag your favourite music files from the list of songs on the left to the pane on the right. Once you have dragged all of your favourite songs into the right pane be sure to check that it will all fit on one CD (maximum of 80 minutes of songs).


Once you are sure that all of your music in the right pane adds up to less than 80 minutes, you must click the “Start Burn” at the bottom of the right pane. This will begin the disc burning process.


Note: If you are prompted at any point to choose either a “Live” or a “Mastered” CD type, be sure to select “Mastered” as it will enable you to play it on your Xbox 360 console.


Once the burning process has completed your disc will eject. Take your disc from the drive and insert it into your Xbox 360 console. If necessary, restart the Xbox 360 console.


You will now have a playable audio CD that will work in a stock standard Xbox 360 console.

Well done, you have now saved yourself from having to re-buy the CD that you have already purchased. Enjoy your newfound Xbox 360 audio CD backup knowledge.

This tutorial is aimed at Xbox 360 users who would love to see something “out of the ordinary”. Read below to find out how you can “Hear The Voices” on your Xbox 360 dashboard.

The first thing you must do is power on your Xbox 360 console.


Once you have powered on your Xbox 360 console you must allow it to boot to the dashboard. Once it has booted to the dashboard, leave the Xbox 360 console alone and come back in a few minutes.


Assuming you have waited long enough and the trigger requirements are met, you will begin to hear “The Voices”, which can be various voices speaking, one of these voices is an electronic voice.

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