This guide is for Linux enthusiasts who would prefer to use the Microsoft office suite as opposed to one of the many Linux alternatives.This is convenient for an easy transfer of operating systems throughout a company, household or organization that uses their computers for word processing and other document processing as it will allow the user to experience the operating system thoroughly without giving them the added burden of having to use the alien document processing suites. Note: This guide will only work on select Linux systems and holds no warranty of any kind. Read below to find out how easy it is to use your Linux system to produce any document that a Windows PC could.

Firstly you will need to make sure that your Linux computer has an internet connection.


Next, you will need to locate your Microsoft Office 2007 CD and insert it into your Linux computer.


Now, you will need to acquire the latest version of Wine for your Linux system. You can do so by visiting the download page:


Once you have downloaded Wine and installed it on your Linux computer then you may run the Microsoft Office 2007 Setup. To do this you will need to click the bottom left of the bar on your desktop and opening your “Media” folder. Once you have opened your “Media” folder then locate your disk drive which should now be named “MSOFFICE” (or similar, depending on your Microsoft Office 2007 distribution).


You will now need to open the CD drive and then locate the “setup.exe” file within the CD and right-click it and select “Open with/Wine”, “Open with Wine” or “Open With (and then select Wine from the pop-up dialogue).


Now, assuming that you have downloaded and installed the latest functional version of Wine; you will be presented with the setup screen for Microsoft Office 2007, just as you would on a Microsoft Windows system.


You will now need to run through the setup just as you would on a Microsoft Windows system, of course replacing the default Microsoft Windows directories with the corresponding Linux directories.


Once you have completed the setup then you will be able to search the C:\ drive (or the drive that you chose to install the office suite on) for the installation folder that you selected. Once you find the .exe file for the office suite program that you want to use from the Linux desktop you can right-click the .exe file and copy a shortcut to the desktop.


Now, assuming you have followed the steps correctly, with the slight alterations made based on your Linux system you will have a fully functional office suite accessible from your desktop.


To run your office software all you will need to do is double-left-click the program shortcut of your choice and it will open itself in Wine. If it does not open restart your computer to let all registry and system changes occur and then try executing the program again. If it still does not work then retry all of the steps in my guide.

You should now have a fully functional Microsoft Office suite accessible from your Linux desktop. Enjoy your newfound Linux knowledge.