Never before and never again will you be so perplexed as you will be after brief consideration of our existence.

Consider the over-complexity of the tragic web the world has weaved, into which we are progressively absorbed and by such absorption bound against our will.

Our minds grow daily, yet fray by the second. The decay apparently exceeds the growth, yet with time the collective knowledge of the human race grows.

All complain of lack of mental freedom, which is so unnaturally opposed by our inability to trust others, our inhibitions towards the assistance of others and least known, yet theoretically most significant, is this infallible lust to perceive our existence and arrive at a rational answer.

Irrespective of any effort toward the perception of true and current existence, such accurate perception simply cannot be, as we are so very limited by our infinitesimal sensory toolkit.

Many display such naivety, so as to prioritize insignificant dilemmas, particularly those regarding the social status between their peers and themselves. This sad ignorance is further exasperated by an inability to truly perceive not only the presence but the purpose of the peers under assessment. Do they really exist, or is the puppetmaster playing cruel tricks, formulating illusions of such apparent intensity that one simple cannot refute their existence. However, how would one know if these illusions were of such said intensity, as for all one knows, they have no true reference point, with which to compare this intensity.

Do we even exist?

It is understandable that some may be strongly inclined to consider the aforementioned rhetorical question to be no more than a meaningless paradox.

Although, under deep consideration, all we, as individuals, know is that our perception of reality is specific to us and is not necessarily identical or even remotely similar to that of any other.

As far as you know, you are the only person on this planet and this very writing is simply a literary concoction of your own mind or perhaps the puppetmaster.

If you disagree and you have every reason to do so, then please seriously consider how you would reply to the requests; “Prove that you exist.” “Prove that I exist.” “Prove that this writing exists.” “Prove that the world exists.” “Prove that time exists.”

At the risk of seeming insane, I don’t believe it is possible to answer any of those questions rationally, as no matter what your answer, as relative as it may be to yourself or the apparent world that surrounds you, its truthfulness as a rational answer is tarnished beyond usefulness by the inherent limitation of humans, that being; the human sensory system.

Before leaving you, I implore you to deeply (but not consciously) consider what you (think you may) have read and leave a comment below. I expect no concensus between comments and I look forward to seeing what logical and informative arguments may result.

Perhaps this could be considered to be a theory relating to “non-existence?” Or, more likely one relating to “The Measurement Problem” of quantam physics.

Thanks for reading and until next time, keep enjoying “reality.”