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This tutorial will explain to any Xbox 360 user how they can play not only CD-R audio CDs but also CD-RW audio CDs on their console. Read below to find out how you can allow your stock standard Xbox 360 console to play virtually any type of audio CD.

This is a very easy way to save on buying a CD that you already own but are unable to play on your Xbox 360, due to it being damaged, etc. In this simple process you will be able to backup your original CD to any type of CD and play it back in the media player on your Xbox 360 console.


Note: Only make a backup copy of media that you own an original, purchased copy of. Otherwise, you may be breaking the law in your state or jurisdiction.


The first thing you must do is open “Windows Media Player”, which can be done by holding the “Windows” key and tapping the “R” key to open the “Run” dialogue and then typing into the “Run” dialogue the text below:



Once you have entered the text above into the “Run” dialogue, you must click the “OK” button or hit the “Enter” key. This will open the “Windows Media Player”.


Now that you have opened the “Windows Media Player”, you can click the “Burn” tab at the top of the window and then drag your favourite music files from the list of songs on the left to the pane on the right. Once you have dragged all of your favourite songs into the right pane be sure to check that it will all fit on one CD (maximum of 80 minutes of songs).


Once you are sure that all of your music in the right pane adds up to less than 80 minutes, you must click the “Start Burn” at the bottom of the right pane. This will begin the disc burning process.


Note: If you are prompted at any point to choose either a “Live” or a “Mastered” CD type, be sure to select “Mastered” as it will enable you to play it on your Xbox 360 console.


Once the burning process has completed your disc will eject. Take your disc from the drive and insert it into your Xbox 360 console. If necessary, restart the Xbox 360 console.


You will now have a playable audio CD that will work in a stock standard Xbox 360 console.

Well done, you have now saved yourself from having to re-buy the CD that you have already purchased. Enjoy your newfound Xbox 360 audio CD backup knowledge.


This guide is specifically written for every Xbox 360 owner who cares about the preservation of their Xbox 360 games. This guide will explain how you can back up your Xbox 360 games in order to preserve the original copies. Read below to find out how you can back up your games for the purpose of preservation.

The following method requires the purchase of a rather inexpensive piece of hardware. The hardware that you choose to use will vary on your computer system and level of computer skills. The drives I know to work are listed below:


For an IDE slot:





Also, for those of you with newer computers you may wish to utilize one of your SATA ports. Of course you can use a SATA burner. The models I know to work are:

For a SATA port:





The drives listed above are the only drives that I know to work, although it is more than likely that there are many other burners out there that would work equally so feel free to go and find one if the burners listed above do not work for you for whatever reason.


Once you have installed your burners you can then install a replacement firmware. The firmware you will be installing on your drive is a firmware by “Kreon” that is appropriate to your specific burner model.


To find the .nfo link for your particular burner model follow the link below:


The above link is copied directly from my browser when I searched for the “Kreon” firmware files using’s integrated search engine. When you visit the link above you will notice that four results will show (at the time of me writing this guide there are only four results for this search). You will now need to select the Firmware that is most relevant to the burner drive that you installed into your PC.


Note: after you have visited the link on and have read the appropriate .nfo file you will need to visit the link below to download your copy of’s automatic downloader program:


Once you have downloaded and extracted the file you downloaded from visiting the link above, you need to extract the file onto your desktop for easy access.


Now open the folder you just extracted to your desktop and double-left-click on the black icon with the “7”, then use the dialogue that appears to extract the contents of the file into the directory of your choice (I recommend the desktop, for ease of discovery).


After you have extracted the file’s contents onto the folder on the desktop you need to access the folder and run the .bat file. Running this .bat file will open FileZilla, a free FTP client. Once the FTP client opens you will notice that there are two main windows. To download your files for your newly installed burner you will need to click and drag the relevant firmware from the right window (the contents of the xbin server) to the left window (the “downloads” folder on your hard drive.


Once the download is complete, you must navigate to the folder of which you dragged the file into and you will find your downloaded file. Run the file and your burner’s firmware will be replaced by  the “Kreon” firmware and you will now be able to burn Xbox 360 games.


The program I personally recommend for the backing up of Xbox 360 games is titled “Xbox Backup Creator” and can be downloaded by visiting the link below:


Once you have visited the link above and downloaded the zipped file you need to extract and then run the installer for “Xbox Backup Creator”.


Now you must use the program to create and then burn a disc image just as you would with any other .ISO burning software. For and in-depth description on how to use the “Xbox Backup Creator” software visit the link to my guide titled “How to use "the “Xbox Backup Creator” software”. The link is below:

Have fun protecting the future of your Xbox gaming. Enjoy your newfound Xbox 360 backup knowledge.

This guide is written specifically for those of you who intend on backing up one or more Xbox 360 games. Read below to find out how you can use the “Xbox Backup Creator” software, in conjunction with particular hardware and knowhow to make a perfect, playable backup of your Xbox 360 game.

The first thing you will need to know about using the “Xbox Backup Creator” software is that you will require specific hardware to burn and create the image files of your Xbox 360 games. Fortunately, I have prepared a guide that will explain to you in depth, exactly what you need in the way of hardware and how you are to go about installing it correctly. The guide on acquiring and installing this hardware is contained within the guide linked below:


Creating the image file…

Assuming you have already downloaded and installed the software, you must run the “Xbox Backup Creator” software by finding the appropriate shortcut or menu entry. Once you have done so you will be presented with a dialogue. You now need to check that your new Kreon drive is selected in the drop-down box at the top of the window.


After you have selected your newly patched drive you need to select the “Read” tab. Once you have done so, select the “Complete Backup” button underneath the “Image Style” text. Once you have done that you can hit the “Start” button in the window then name your image file and select a save location that is easy to locate.


Once you have named your image file and clicked “Save”, being sure that your file is saved with a “.dvd” extension. You will now need to wait while your Xbox 360 game image is being created.


Burning the image file…


Burning the game image is by far the easiest part of all, assuming everything is in working order. The first thing you will need to do is click the “Write” tab in “Xbox Backup Creator” and then select your preferred burn speed in the “Select writing speed” drop-down box. The recommended writing speed is between 2.4x and 8x in order to maximize data accuracy and integrity.


Once you have clicked the “Write” tab and then selected your preferred burn speed, you may click the “Start” button to bring up the dialogue box that you will select your newly created .dvd image file. Select the image file you created earlier and then click the “Open” button.


Your .dvd image file will now begin burning to your DVD. Soon enough you will have your very own, working Xbox 360 game backup.

Be sure to back up your favourite games using my guides as soon as possible, it would be such a shame if they were damaged wouldn’t it? Enjoy your newfound Xbox 360 game backup knowledge.

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