This guide will tell you exactly how you can easily create your very own free e-mail account using Read below to find out how quickly and simply you can start your own secure and free e-mail account.

Firstly, you will need to head to the Gmail website. Which can be found by clicking the link below:


Once you have clicked the above link you will find that there is a reasonable long list of boxes requiring information. You will need to fill out the necessary boxes as accurately as possible and then click the “I accept. create my account.” button at the bottom of the page.


Be sure that the password you entered for your account is not too hard to remember but also too hard for people to guess. A password like your first name, last name, nickname, pet’s name, birthday or anything similar will put you at a much higher risk of having you account and details stolen by a hacker.


Now once you have created your account you will be able to log into your new e-mail account, also you will be able to subscribe to sites using your e-mail address as well as share it with friends who you would like to keep in contact with.


To log into your Gmail e-mail account you can go to the link below:


Once you follow this URL, look to the right of the page and you will notice two small text boxes. Written next to the text box is “username” and “password”. The boxes will appear like so:

Google Sign In


All you need to do now to achieve a fully functional free e-mail account is enter your login details, which will be:

username:   (type the e-mail address that you chose)

password:   (type the password that you chose)


Once you have done this correctly, your browser will redirect you to your e-mail inbox and you can read your e-mails at your leisure.

Enjoy your newfound e-mail creation knowledge.