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This guide written to describe how one can permanently delete a Facebook account, removing everything associated to their Facebook account. Read below to find out how you can not “disable” your Facebook account but PERMANENTLY DELETE it.

The first thing you will need to do is log into your Facebook account just as you normally would. Which will bring up a page the same, if not very similar to the screenshot below:

Facebook home page


Once you are logged into your Facebook account you must copy the URL below into the address bar at the top of your browser window and then hit enter.


or copy the text below into your address bar:


Once you have copied and pasted the above URL or clicked the hyperlink, you will be presented with the “Account Deletion” page, which will look like so:

Facebook account deletion page


You must click the blue “Submit” button, which will open the following popup window:

Permanently delete your account


Enter your password into the top text box, which is marked “Password”. Then you must enter the “CAPTCHA” text, which is in the picture above. The idea, in case you have never used this type of verification before, is that you enter the text in the picture into the text box beneath the picture to be sure that you are not a bot. Once you have entered your password and the text within the picture, you must click the blue “OK” button.


Now that you have entered your details and clicked the blue “OK” button, you will be presented with another popup, which will look like this:

Facebook account deletion notification


You will notice that in the small window the text will read as written below:

Your account has been deactivated from the site and will be permanently deleted within 14 days. If you log into your account within the next 14 days, you will have the option to cancel your request.


You now need to click the blue “OK” button once again. Once you have clicked the blue “OK” button, you will be redirected back to the login page, which will appear normally, just as shown below:

Returned to facebook login page


Your account will now be deleted after 14 days have passed since you clicked the last blue “OK” button. Be sure that you do not use any automatic logins to your Facebook account and also be sure that you must not login to your Facebook account through the Facebook login page or any other applications or websites that will log you into their site via your Facebook account.

Be sure to show this tutorial to anybody who you know are disabling their account only to accidentally reactivate it. Don’t just deactivate it, delete it! Enjoy your newfound Facebook account knowledge.


This guide I am writing is intended to finally give the Facebook community the freedom to add the long awaited “Dislike” button into their statuses. Read below to find out how easy it is to post a status on your profile with a “Dislike” button. The first thing you will need to do is sign into your Facebook account. Then you will need to visit the following link to acquire the “Status Magic” app: Once you have visited this URL and you have installed the application you can then post your statuses through the “Status Magic” app and add any button you would like (in place of the “Dislike” button). Once you have installed the app you can click the “Account” tab in the top right of your Facebook browser and then click “Application settings”. Once you have clicked “Application settings all you will need to do is scroll through your applications and find “Status Magic” and then click the “Status Magic” link to open it. When you open the “Status Magic” app through the “Account/Application settings” Link you will be led to a page similar to the one shown in the screenshot of my computer running the same app below: Status Magic Demo Now that you have opened “Status Magic” you can type your status in the text box provided and then type in the options for your custom button. Once you have written your post and edited the text for your custom button you can click the “Share” button and you are done. Your Post will now be published with the added option of the custom button you created.

It is that simple to create a “Dislike” button, or any custom button on Facebook for that matter. Enjoy your newfound Facebook interface enhancement knowledge.

This guide is written in order to guide any frequent Facebook users to fully understand how it is that some people can apply a full skin or theme to their Facebook interface. It is easier than some might think. Read the guide below to add some personalized style to your Facebook visit.

First of all you will need to make the Firefox browser your friend by using it as often as possible, if not all the time to surf the internet in general, Facebook especially.


The reason for making Firefox your preferred browser is that you will need Firefox to install your own personal theme to Facebook, as Microsoft Internet Explorer and most other internet browsers are not customizable. Firefox on the other hand is, in my opinion one of the most customizable and versatile web browsers in the world.


Now, if you do not have a copy of Firefox installed on your computer then head to the Mozilla site to download your free copy of Mozilla Firefox. Be sure to click on the download button that is most relevant to your current operating system.


Once you have downloaded the Firefox installer and you have installed it onto your computer, you can then run Firefox and watch the world of internet customization unfold before you.


First I recommend that you head to and check out Facebook on Firefox to get a feel for your new browser.


Once you have familiarised yourself with Firefox you can then begin the fun part, customizing your Facebook. The first thing you will need to customize Facebook is a Firefox addon. This addon is called “Stylish” can be downloaded by following the link below and clicking the “Add to Firefox” button:

Or by following the direct link below:


Once you click either of the two links you will be presented with a dialogue box that will look like so:

Stylish Addon Install


You will need to wait for the seconds to count down on the “Install Now” button before you are able to click it. Or you could disable this wait by using the following guide:


Once the seconds have counted down (or you have disabled the (s) wait using my guide in the hyperlink above, you will be able to click “Install Now”. Once you click the “Install Now” button the addon will automatically install into Firefox; requiring a restart of Firefox. To restart Firefox you will need to hold “ctrl+shift+escape’ which brings up the task manager and then you need to locate the “Firefox” process and right-click it and then click “end process”. Now Firefox will close completely, so you now need to reopen Firefox just like you normally would.


After you have started Firefox you will notice an icon that looks like an “S”. That is your Stylish addon. Now to add a theme to your Facebook all you need to do is go to and once the page has loaded right-click the “S” icon in the bottom right of your browser and then click “Find styles for this site…” like so:

Stylish addon


Once you click “Find styles for this site…” you will be taken to which is a site that allows you to download themes for Facebook to apply using the Stylish addon.


Now all you have to do is pan through all of the different themes that you are fronted with and choose the one you like best and click on any of the links like so:

Facebook theme selection


Once you have clicked on a link that you think sounds good you will be presented with a page that will allows you to download and install the theme you have chosen. This page should look like so:

Installing stylish theme


You will notice above that you are shown a preview of the theme. Also you will notice that the circled button will allow you to install the theme and it will become effective as soon as you have clicked the button and allowed it to install. When you click the “Install with stylish” button as shown above, you will be confronted with this dialogue of which you will have to click the “Install” button on, like so:

Install theme


Now once you have clicked the “Install” button like shown above, your theme will be active immediately. Now look what happens as soon as I head back to Facebook:

Theme has been applied


There you have it. Your very own personalized Facebook. Enjoy it.

It really is that simple to completely customize your Facebook experience with this simple, easy-to-understand guide.Be sure to send the link to this guide to all of your friends and family who use Facebook, I am sure they would love to personalize their Facebook to. Enjoy your newfound Firefox knowledge.

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