The Suggestion Box is a new addition to Chafflube’s Tech Blog and is a rather new idea. The Suggestion Box is entirely dedicated to accepting suggestions from Chafflube’s Tech Blog’s vast community and utilizing the power of communal thinking in a fast and efficient way in order to bring the world great tutorials that are unique and easy to understand even for absolute beginners!


Using the Suggestion Box is a very easy procedure, which can be completed in the time it takes you to write an e-mail!


All you have to do is use your favourite e-mail service to send an e-mail containing a suggestion to the e-mail address below:


The only thing you must do in addition, is be sure that your e-mail is in the format shown below, as this will certify that your suggestion can be read and processed as quickly as possible:

Subject: “Suggestion For Chafflube’s Tech Blog”

Text: <Enter suggestion here>

Attachment (optional): This attachment can be an image, video, audio or text file or any file that you think I should see for that matter!


Enjoy Chafflube’s Tech Blog and be sure to send in that suggestion you have been considering as soon as possible so that the entire community here at Chafflube’s Tech Blog can benefit from your curiosity!