This tutorial is written for those of you out there who are diehard Xbox 360 fans, but cannot play all of the games you love because your parents or your older brother has put a “Parental Control” code on your console. Very inconvenient right? Wrong. Read below to find out how you can reset this password in just seconds, using nothing but your Xbox 360 controller.

The first thing you must do is go to the “Settings” page on your Xbox 360 console.


Once you have opened the Xbox 360 console’s “Settings” menu, you must select the “Parental Controls” option. Once you have selected the “Parental Controls” option, you must then access the “Pass code Screen”.


Now that you are at the “Pass code Screen” you must press (relatively hard) for a brief period of time (~500ms) and then promptly release the buttons on the Xbox 360 controller, just as you would enter a cheat code into a game such as; “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas,” in the combination shown below:

X + Y + L + X


There is a certain trick to entering this code time perfectly, but once you get it the Xbox 360 console will reset the “Parental Controls” pass code back to the default code (the code that was originally on your console at the time you bought it).


Note: Like every console trick, it is not guaranteed to work on your specific console, due to model variations. Also, this is just one of the combinations that supposedly works. Although, if it does not work for you then stay on the same screen and enter as many random combinations of buttons on the controller as you possibly can, you are bound to break it eventually. Good luck.


Now, assuming that the above method has worked for you and your console, enjoy your hard earned playtime on all your favourite games.

It’s done, all you have left to do now is enjoy your games. Enjoy your newfound Xbox 360 password resetting knowledge.