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G’day to all of the members of the Chafflube community!

I am pleased to inform you all that I have just received an Arduino Mega2560 in the post and intend on publishing some very detailed tutorials, consisting of textual and video material. These tutorials will detail not only basic “Hello World!” and LED flashing programs (or “sketches” in Arduino language”). They will also detail very intricate, specialized projects that are intended to serve as efficient solutions for not so common projects.

The intention to create such specialized projects is to deliver a special service to the members of the Chafflube community, which does not simply imitate the majority of other electronics tutorial websites, who only offer cliche tutorials, but rather allow any electrical engineer to think outside of the box and replicate or modify my designs to benefit the real world.

I hope that you all stay tuned for some great Arduino tutorials and subscribe to my blog for E-mail or RSS updates in the Arduino category.

Together we can alter the world using the almighty $20 chip, the Arduino Mega2560!

Kind regards,

Dillon Chaffey


Hello members of the Chafflube’s Tech Blog community! It has recently come to my attention that LinuxSA meetings are held within Adelaide on a regular basis. This is supposed to be a great congregation of like-minded people who share stories and information. However, there is one issue. Some people (including myself) find great difficulty in getting into the CBD during relatively late hours. Thus, the idea of a similar group must be created somewhere between the CBD and Gawler, SA.

This group would ideally be comprised primarily of people who are interested and/or experienced in Linux, computing in general, software development and electronics development. Such a group would provide many benefits to all who were involved, including but not limited to:

  • Obtaining free knowledge on any topic of their choice
  • Being able to share stories amongst one another and learn from each others mistakes
  • Being able to assist the learning of another group member
  • Having access to people skilled in your interests
  • Regular meetings with like-minded people
  • A reason to escape the confines of your house
  • Potential to swap or sell some of your computer hardware or electronic components with other members
  • And many more


The meetings would more than likely be monthly and held somewhere near Gawler, SA, 5118. So if you live within South Australia and would consider being a member of such a group or know anybody that might then please tell them about it and if you have any suggestions please feel free to send me an e-mail at the address below:


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